Jan 10, 2022

See the Light! A new exhibition on the horizon

There is so much going on at Sculpture by the Lakes even while we’re closed, and one of the things we’re busy with is a new exhibition, set to open at Gallery by the Lakes as the park reopens on February 1.

Light, which continues until February 26, will be an uplifting exhibition, exploring and celebrating the use of light in the landscape, the perfect antidote to the last days of winter when light is a scarce commodity!

Reflections – by Simon Gudgeon

This first gallery exhibition of the year is particularly notable for including two-dimension works by celebrated sculptor and Sculpture by the Lakes founder Simon Gudgeon.

Reflections, mixed media works inspired by the lakes at Sculpture by the Lakes, “arose from a fascination with the light reflections in water,” he explains, “and became an exploration into the properties of water: how the surface reflected the surrounding landscape but how I could also see into the depths, qualities I wanted to convey in the artwork.”

While of course being well known as a sculptor, Simon began his artistic life painting and drawing. In Reflections he draws on all his experience, working with different media to create depth and capture the properties of light and water.

He adds: “The use of resin on aluminium with tinted prints, gold leaf and acrylic paint provided the perfect medium, giving me the ability to create opaque areas whilst leaving other parts transparent. The constructive process is in many ways reminiscent of creating a sculpture which also appeals to my practical mind”.   

Laura Rich 

Showing alongside Simon will be two large works by Laura Rich, painted on aluminium, the artist’s favourite surface, where she uses thin layers of oil paints to create the effect she wants. She explains: “Using aluminium allows the light to work through the layers and it seems to illuminate it – sort of like it is backlit, or like looking at it on a screen.

“The resulting paintings ‘sing’ with a depth of colour quite unlike a softer surface, such as a linen or canvas, which tend to absorb the light and defuse it” 

Stephen Bithell 

This extraordinary plein air painter, recognised for his uplifting lockdown ‘postcards’ sent out to those isolated during the pandemic, has captured Sculpture by the Lakes through all the seasons and all its changing moods and qualities of light, from tranquil to foreboding. During Light we will be showing some of his large, framed charcoal drawings and watercolours of our lakes.

 Kathryn Thomas 

Kathryn’s enigmatic and atmospheric paintings are, as she describes, “all about light.” Using the finest materials, she paints “what is between me and the furthest point I can see or imagine.” She adds: “The atmosphere, colour and texture is created by building layer on layer so the painting will appear to be different depending on the light source.”

As well as these gallery favourites, the team is also hoping to introduce some new artists in this exhibition. So, watch this space for more, or better still get along and experience Light for yourself.

Entry to the gallery is free so just visit during opening hours. There is also a private view opening event on the first Saturday of the exhibition, February 5, from 10am to 5pm.

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