Mar 14, 2023

Meet the Speaker: Lucianne Lassalle

On April 2nd, Paris-born sculptor, Lucianne Lassalle will be returning to Sculpture by the Lakes for an exclusive talk, as part of this year’s FORM: The Sculpture Show. 

Lucianne’s talk will give you the rare opportunity to delve into her world, and learn all about her inspirations, creative processes, and find out what has led to her gaining loyal patronage and widespread acclaim.

About Lucianne

With influences from a bohemian artistic environment, Lucianne has always been involved in the world of art, in one form or another. With both her parents working within the art industry, she grew up surrounded by creativity, drawing inspiration from her mother, a potter, and her father, a painter.

Lucianne has always loved working with her hands to realise physical forms, and has honed her skills over the last 30 years. Since, she has created pieces in all sizes, and regularly works with life models, taking major influence from the human form, mimicking the complexity of the human body using clay, and presents the final sculptures in bronze or resin.

Lucianne’s talk is free of charge, taking place on the opening weekend of FORM: The Sculpture Show on Sunday, the 2nd of April at 11am in The Retreat.  Entry to the talk does not require a specific ticket, but an entry ticket to the Sculpture Park is required – which you can book here.

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