Apr 6, 2023

Meet the Speaker: Carol Peace

On April 8th, figurative sculptor and founder of Bristol Drawing School, Carol Peace, will be returning to Sculpture by the Lakes for an exclusive talk, as part of this year’s FORM: The Sculpture Show.

Carol’s talk will give you the chance to find out about her intricate art-making process, why drawing is so important to her and why she chose to open her very own art school. 
She will also be hosting a solo show, ‘Peace at the Retreat’, from April 7th to 30th in The Retreat venue. In her solo show, visitors are invited to view her poems and drawings, which form an integral part of her sculpture-making process, alongside some of her famous pieces.

About Carol

Since graduating from Winchester School of Art and continuing her studies at The Royal Drawing School, Carol has created a fulfilling career for herself, specialising in the human form and expressive movement figurative sculpture making. 

After studying the subject she loves, Carol not only opened multiple studios across the UK but also went on to open the Bristol Drawing School. Her non-profit private arts venue and education centre aims to encourage drawing as not only an art form but as an essential part of the creative process. 

Carol’s talk is free of charge, taking place on Easter weekend, the 8th of April at 11 AM in The Retreat. Entry to the talk does not require a specific ticket, but an entry ticket to the Sculpture Park is required – which you can book here

To find out more about her solo show, ‘Peace at the Retreat’, follow the link: https://www.gallerybythelakes.co.uk/exhibitions/21-peace-at-the-retreat-a-solo-exhibition-by-carol-peace-in-the/overview/

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