Mar 22, 2022

FORM returns! 200 new sculptures are coming…

Bringing together more than 200 sculptures from artists at the peak of their powers, the award-winning sculpture exhibition FORM 2022, at Sculpture by the Lakes, is not to be missed.

Following the sell-out success of last year’s inaugural event, the return of this large-scale arts exhibition, which creates a nationally significant sculpture hub in the heart of the Dorset countryside, is expected to again draw thousands of visitors.

FORM 2022, taking place from March 30th – May 29th, will see large scale and monumental sculptures installed across the park’s 26-acres of lakes, rivers, gardens, and woodlands, while Gallery by the Lakes will host an exhibition of smaller pieces.

Simon Gudgeon, a globally renowned sculptor with pieces owned by rockstars and royalty alike, and owner of Sculpture by the Lakes, said:

“For the past year, we have been working to bring together a carefully curated collection of works by artists I consider to be among the finest contemporary sculptors in the UK right now.

“This is a rare opportunity for art lovers and buyers to experience an extraordinary range of works in an expansive natural environment; it is only in a setting such as this, where such monumental pieces are in scale with their surroundings, that all their power and beauty can be truly appreciated.”

Among the most exciting additions for 2022 will be pieces by the late sculptor Heather Jansch – the first exhibition featuring her work since her death in July last year. Long recognised as one of the country’s finest artists, Jansch was best-known for her life-sized sculptures of horses in driftwood and bronze; her much sought-after work is held in collections across the world, including Cornwall’s Eden Project, where she was a resident artist.

Added Simon Gudgeon, sculptor and founder of Sculpture by the Lakes:

“We’re extremely proud to be able to show Heather’s masterful sculptures here at Sculpture by the Lakes, and to play a part in preserving her extraordinary legacy – ensuring as many people as possible can experience her work in a beautiful setting.”

Also showing for the first time will be Ed Elliott, an award-winning sculptor specialising in large scale figurative pieces, and fellow figurative sculptor Jonathan Hateley, whose pieces are notable for their rich textures, inspired by the natural world.

There will be pieces from talented young British sculptor Carl Longworth including his giant 2.5m bronze barn owl among other wildlife sculptures, and Jonathan Loxley, showing some of his tactile abstract pieces in marble.

In addition, Simon Gudgeon himself is working on two new kinetic pieces for FORM 2022, including what will be his largest sculpture to date.

FORM 2022 will also see the welcome return of some sculptors whose works proved popular in 2021. There will be new works by Adam Binder, whose 12ft polar bear Boris was among the star attractions last year when it was shown on an ‘iceberg’ floating in one of the lakes, and wildlife artist Nick Bibby, and large-scale pieces by Fred Gordon.

Sited in the water this year will be a figurative piece by Carol Peace, and Nadine Collinson’s 2.5m sail-like bronze sculpture Journey. Visitors can also see new monumental works by Nicola Godden, creator of Icarus for the London 2012 Olympic Village, and Lucianne Lassalle, celebrated as among the best figurative sculptors in the UK.

Said Simon:

“A year in the planning, I now cannot wait to see this exhibition come together in the coming weeks. The talent, creativity and technical mastery on display will, I believe, be breath-taking.

“FORM 2022 is the fulfilment of the vision I had for Sculpture by the Lakes when we started it all a decade ago. Where you see sculpture is so important, and here people can experience it in a tranquil setting which enhances the quality of the work, and where they can understand how the sculpture interacts with its environment.

“My hope is that FORM 2022 will stir your senses and enliven your mind, as all art should, and I am excited to share it all with our visitors.”

Artworks will be available to view and to purchase at a range of price points.

As well as sculpture dotted across the gardens, woodland and riverside walks, Sculpture by the Lakes also has a gallery, a Café, which sources produce from the park’s own kitchen garden, and two shops: The Artisans’ Bazaar, and the new Artisans’ Pantry, offering a selection of local produced hand-made and artisan products.

Tickets for FORM 2022 will be priced at £12.50 – which is the standard price of entry to Sculpture by the Lakes. For more information, and to book tickets visit https://www.sculpturebythelakes.co.uk/

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