Apr 28, 2022

FORM 2022 – Meet the Artists, Part II

Continuing our ‘Meet the Artists’ mini-series of blogs to celebrate FORM 2022, we’d like to introduce another group of sculptors and sculptures. Below you can find more information about the artists themselves and their works that visitors can discover right now at Sculpture by the Lakes.

Jonathan Loxley

Jonathan Loxley took a break to carve marble in Italy for 6 months. However, he fell in love with the stone and stayed for 9 years. He is now based in Hampshire and is exhibiting for the first time at Sculpture by the Lakes.

“There is something so entirely singular about staring at a block of stone and having it stare back at you. You are about to carve each other. It is not steel or clay. You cannot cut and weld, you cannot add. You cannot change your mind. You cannot take something from elsewhere and offer it. It doesn’t want it. It has been silent inside a mountain for 60 million years and has only recently seen the light of day. You can only subtract what it does not need. It only needs you. You are then interchangeable”.

You can see Singularity on the grass next to the Trout Lake and Retreat.


Ray Moseley

Stone carver and a Historic Building Specialist, Ray is a popular and familiar face at the Dorset Arts Festival. He now turns his skill towards creating natural forms from alabaster which are on show in the gallery.  The luminescence and beauty of the stone has to be seen.

There is also the opportunity to see functional Bird Baths on show in the Sculpture Courtyard.


Adam Binder

Adam lives and works in the Cotswolds where the bountiful and diverse environment provides endless resources for his inspiration. One of Britain’s leading wildlife sculptors, Adam has a signature fluid style of simple lines and flowing forms depicting both movement and emotion that captures the essence of his subjects. Working primarily in bronze with earthy rich patinas, Adam’s work is recognised and collected all over the world.

His sculpture ‘Boris’ the polar bear floating on his iceberg in the lake welcomed thousands of visitors for FORM 2021. Mouse in a Pod is a bronze sculpture on exhibition in the gallery and was one of the first pieces to sell on our opening day.

“Nature is a wonder and a joy to observe, and it is through my sculpture that I endeavour to connect further with wildlife and capture the character of my subject. While I’m sculpting, I feel I’m engaging with the spirit of the animal, sensing its subtle movement and suggestion in body language. Nature is my passion and my constant distraction.”


Nicola Godden

One of the Sculpture park’s bestselling sculptors, Nicola spent the first few months of the year based at the foundry creating a bespoke piece for FORM 2022. Theia, Goddess of Light, was installed hours before the opening event. You can see her high on the banks of the River Frome, her face turned towards the evening light.

The original idea came from the Spark series of small bronze maquette figures, inspired by seeing sparks of light and fire suggesting leaping/moving figures. The work is all about energy and movement. Red and Green Spark are on display in the gallery alongside her iconic Icarus sculptures, also in the gallery courtyard.


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