Wild Wednesdays

Join our biodiversity monitoring program alongside our on-site expert, Rebecca, here at Sculpture by the Lakes.

Immerse yourself in our Botanic Garden, where our habitats have fostered a diverse range of species.

During this morning experience, you are invited to witness our commitment

to biodiversity and actively participate in monitoring activities.

Come, explore and contribute to the thriving ecosystem we have cultivated.

Arrive at Sculpture by the Lakes – 9am

Rebecca will meet you in The Makers Yard and take you to our Moth Trap to investigate the species caught overnight before releasing them. Did you know there are over 2500 species of Moth in the UK? They play a vital part in the pollination and their diversity is an early indicator of positive or negative ecological effects.  During this process Rebecca takes note of all the species we find to contribute to Living Record, a conservation support tool.

Intermission – 10am – 11am.

Included as part of your ticket is £5 to spend in the café.

Enjoy a hot drink and something sweet before the next part of your morning.

Guided Walk – 11am – 12pm.

Rebecca will guide you around our Botanic Garden. Listening for our more elusive breeding birds and engaging with our extensive common and notable species of Dragonfly and Damselflies. This is a vital part of our contribution to conservation efforts. During this time you will have a dragonfly checklist, see how many you can spot! Rebecca will also teach you how to identify birds by their song. You never know what you are going to see on Rebecca’s walks, so bring your binoculars and get ready!

At the end of the guided walk, you are welcome to spend the rest of the day enjoying the art, nature, and peace of Sculpture by the Lakes.


The Ticket Price of £22.50 includes £5 to spend in the cafe. Wild Wednesdays is a morning session and you are welcome to spend the rest of your day at Sculpture by the Lakes.

When you factor in our Day Tickets are £15 as well as the £5 you spend in the cafe this insightful morning experience can be yours for only £2.50!

If you are a member of Sculpture by the Lakes this is a free event however you still need to book your space.

Use your membership code at the checkout to reduce the price to zero and then book your spot.