Fire and Food Feast!

We promise you will not leave feeling hungry!!


Our Fire & Food Feast is a little different from normal dining. Here we have a large buffet style table with all the side dishes – mac’ n cheese, Crushed tallow potatoes, rainbow coleslaw, Greek salad, Waldorf salad, Moroccan spiced roast beetroot and BBQ carrot salad, tomato balsamic onion and basil salad. There will also be baked rosemary focaccia and olives on your table when you arrive.

Then we bring the meat course to your table as they are ready – with fire cooking we cook to temperature not to time to make sure they are all cooked perfectly. We will round off the evening by serving café gourmand with a delicious selection of sweet treats.

This Fire & Food Feast will be served in the Makers Yard Kitchen with entry to the park and a welcome glass of bubbles at 6pm, so you have time to walk around the grounds before dinner. Dinner will be served at 7pm and we would recommend allowing around 3 hours for the feast. We look forward to sharing this feast with you.


The Meat Courses


BBQ Chicken Wings
Always a favourite – delicious chicken wings marinated for a deeper flavour.

BBQ Pork Belly
With a sticky cider and wholegrain mustard glaze.

Beef Short Ribs.
Short ribs are full of flavour since they are effectively alternate layers of meat and fat. The muscle itself is a well-worked and tough cut, but cooked correctly it results in very tender meat with an easy chew. When slow-cooked, the fat released will baste and moisten the meat as it cooks, making it fall off the bone with a really beefy flavour that is buttery and intense. Coming from the chuck and rib intersection, the short rib has flavour characteristics of both — abundant marbling with a deep beefy flavour, making them a joyful comfort food.
A delicious cut that is cooked low and slow on our kamado BBQ’s

Also known as flap steak, bavette is a flat cut with an intense beef flavour. The bavette is also known as the butcher’s cut, because butcher’s often save it for themselves. The name “bavette” is the French word for “bib,” since this cut comes from the lower chest area of the cow close to the top of the abdomen. This well exercised but still fatty part of the cow makes bavette versatile, in addition to delicious. Bavette should contain a significant amount of fat, which is why it can be well enjoyed in a variety of forms from sliced thin to simply seasoned and cooked whole.

Bavettes have a similar flavour profile to flank or skirt steak, two other flat cuts found close by. Bavettes are packed with minerals and are dense with fibre. Bavette, however, has a very loose structure, helping to avoid chewiness or toughness with a lot of wiggle room in cooking method and internal temperature.


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Source of the meat.

The Pork Belly and Bavette, come from Lyons Hill Farm in Dorset and have been selected for its exceptional flavour. It is exclusively from Rare or Traditional breeds of British cattle that are grass fed. It is not your usual commercial beef, it comes from cattle that are fully matured and live a life that’s 2 to 4 times longer than commercial cattle. This is what old-fashioned beef used to taste like, before being ruined by crossing our native breeds with continental cattle to make them grow faster and bigger, to the total detriment of flavour.

From our farm to your door; sustainable, full flavoured meat. – Aurox Meat



The Beef Short Ribs come from Meat Matters in Wales, founded by Oliver Woolnough. These are ex dairy cows that have been put out to grass for a year or two after they have finished milking. This allows the cow to mature and develop flavour. He works with local dairy farms to select the best animals and allows them to mature in a stress free environment so the meat to develops a wonderful texture and depth of flavour.

Premium Quality Beef Online | Meat Matters (meatmattersltd.co.uk)