Create your own Kitchen Garden

Embark on a journey into the world of kitchen gardening with our Head Kitchen Gardener ChiChi and trusty assistant Copper the dog. This comprehensive course provides hands-on experience and practical insights to help you create and nurture your own thriving kitchen garden at home. From exploring the garden’s highlights to selecting seeds, engaging in propagation techniques, and learning essential gardening practices, this course equips you with the knowledge and skills for a successful gardening venture. Join us for a day of discovery, delicious garden soup, and a Q&A session, leaving with the foundation to cultivate a healthy and flourishing kitchen garden of your own.


This Course is £90 including tea, garden snacks, lunch, and all sowing material.

10% off for buying subsequent kitchen garden courses and memberships to Sculpture by the Lakes.

Arrive at Sculpture by the Lakes. – 10am 

You will meet your course providers, ChiChi and Copper who will take you on a tour of the Kitchen Garden and discuss how it is run.  You will also see and taste what is growing and the highlight of this time of the year.

Session one 10.30-11.20

We will discuss what you would like to grow and achieve in your growing area. We will also look at all different areas of the kitchen garden which will give you a very practical idea of what you can grow at home.

Then we will cover planning practice to understand the principle of crop planning.

Session two 11.20-12.40

We will start choosing what you would like to grow from our seeds collection including vegetables, herbs and flowers. Then we will practice some propagation methods of sowing seeds and pricking out seedlings which you can take home with you

ChiChi will share her favourite varieties and show you how to DIY a simple propagation heating bench which you can make at home to give your kitchen garden a flying start and also enable you to grow tender plants.

Lunch 12.40-13.20 

Enjoy a delicious garden soup prepared in the cafe made using Kitchen Garden produce.

Session three 13.20- 15.00

ChiChi will show you how to start a No-Dig garden and how to look after your soil as well as some trade secrets on how you can minimize the problem of pests and disease. We will also plant seedlings out in the garden and cover how to look after them during the most vulnerable stage.

We will talk about how to make compost at home as well as the principles of making great compost and natural feed to nourish your soil.

Q&A 15.00-15.40

Now you will have the foundation of starting a Kitchen Garden. ChiChi will answer and discuss all the questions you might have and also discuss the future support for creating your own healthy Kitchen Garden.

Course Finish.

After your course you will be free to roam the rest of Sculpture by the Lakes until 5pm.

Spaces are Limited to 8 people per course. Please use the link below to book your space.