All Things Bright and Beautiful – Butterflies, Moths and Flowers

Scott Macintyre is delighted to deliver his latest series of photography workshops here, at Sculpture by the Lakes. Winner of the Historic England category for Historical Photographer of the year 2023. Scott loves to immerse himself into woodlands, landscapes, coastal regions, and amongst wildlife. Capturing authentic beautiful atmospheric images, which remain natural and true to the subject.



This workshop is designed for beginners and intermediate photographers who wish to develop or enhance practical and technical photography skills. There is only 5 spaces for each tailored 4 hour workshop and participants are required to provide their own camera equipment – compact/bridge/DSLR or mirrorless camera.



To find out more about Scott and his work visit his website: https://www.scottmacintyrephotography.co.uk/



All Things Bright and Beautiful –

Butterflies, Moths and Flowers

For this workshop you will learn the elements of:
Camera Technique, composition, Modes, Exposure, Macro Photography, Focusing, Depth of field and Field Craft.
For this workshop a macro lens is ideal, however, if you have a telephoto lens up to 200mm this will be more than sufficient to capture our subjects


Arrival is at 9am. Scott will welcome you with an introduction and briefing for the day ahead. He will then guide you to discover and capture Images from around our Rainbow Lake.


Mid morning there will be a brief interval with refreshments and time to reflect. After this, it’s time to get creative around the artists pool.


The final part of the course you will review your images from the day, debrief and have the opportunity for some closing Q’A’s with Scott.


The course finishes at 1pm and the rest of the day will be yours to explore Sculpture by the Lakes with your camera in hand.


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